Sacred Heart Academy students and faculty make extensive use of technology. The implementation of SHA’s long-range technology plan has already begun, and the commitment to technology is evident throughout the building. Some examples include:

  • One-to-One Windows 10 hybrid laptop/tablet for all students and faculty
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for all students and faculty
  • Microsoft 365 subscriptions for cloud storage, email, and Office applications
  • Media Production Center broadcast studio for morning announcements and live events
  • 3D printer
  • Smart TV's, projectors or interactive displays in all classrooms
  • Digital signage displays for news, events and calendar reminders
  • Follow-Me printing for convenience and increased data protection

One-to-One Laptop Initiative and Wireless Campus

Sacred Heart Academy's one-to-one laptop initiative ensures that every student and faculty member has a notebook ("laptop") computer for use at home and throughout the school day. The entire school building is equipped with wireless access points. Access to the school’s network infrastructure is available from all parts of the school building.
Every classroom at SHA is equipped with a 65" smart tv. Many classrooms also contain Promethean Interactive Displays, and teachers have access to eInstruction Classroom Performance System instruction modules. Math, science, and computer courses integrate technology through the development of computer programs, design of Web sites, and the use of educational software, graphing calculators, and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Biology, Chemistry and Biotech/Physics laboratories, along with regular classrooms, are used for science classes. An automated DNA sequencer, PCR machines and UV Spectrophotometer are housed in the Biotech lab and used by students.

The Intro to Engineering course integrates the Infinity Technology Kit, which includes:
  • Cutting-edge hardware built around Texas Instruments' Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.
  • LabView Graphical Software Design Environment - easy for students to learn and powerful for them to use.
  • Multimedia Peripherals - digital web camera, speakers, and microphone.
The Foreign Language Department uses the Sony LLC-8000 system in the Multimedia Learning Center for interactive learning activities in target languages.

Web Development and Email

Upon entering SHA, students are given email accounts and network file storage folders to facilitate teaching and learning. All faculty members have a Web site as an integral part of their course presentation and to promote efficient distribution of materials.

Media Production Center

A fully equipped center used for production of a daily morning show, Good Morning SHAmerica, enables students to learn the complexities of television studio production. Students are instructed in the use of the video camera and audio equipment, in editing oral presentations, lighting, scripting and directing techniques.