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Health Office

The Health Office at SHA is now located on the 3rd floor of the school, in the former Media Studio. The school nurse is Patricia Zehall.

Medication Policy

Because Sacred Heart Academy receives health services from the Town of Hamden, we follow State of Connecticut mandates for the administration of medications. Medications will only be administered if the required Medical Authorization Form has been submitted and the following guidelines are met.

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  • Medication Authorization Guidelines

    If your child requires a prescription or over-the-counter medication during the school day or during intramural or interscholastic athletic events, you must follow the procedures required by Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 10-212a, and Connecticut Administrative Regulations Sec. 10-212a-9. These procedures promote safe practices for students and staff. Please read them carefully.

    1. For each medication that must be administered at school daily or as-needed, the parent must obtain the written order of an authorized prescriber (physician, dentist, optometrist, advanced practice registered nurse or physician’s assistant, and for interscholastic and intramural sports only, a podiatrist) using Hamden Public Schools Medication Authorization Form (see Page 1).

    A new order is required each year and, if so prescribed, may be effective from July 1 through June 30 of the given year. A medication order dated July 1 of a year will cover summer programs and the upcoming school year.

    2. The authorized prescriber must fill in the following information requested on the form:
    • Name of medication, the generic name of the medication (NEW), and strength of the medication;
    • Indications(s) for the administration of this medication in school (condition, diagnosis);
    • Amount (dosage) of the medication to be administered and route of administration
    • Potential side effects of the medication
    • Time of day that the medication is to be administered; and frequency for PRN (as-needed) medications
    • Duration of the order for administration of the medication (up to 12 months from July 1 through June 30 of the same school year.
    • If applicable, authorization for self-administration in school.
    3. A parent or guardian must sign the “Parent/Guardian Authorization” portion of the form and, if applicable, provide authorization for self-administration in school.

    4. Prescription medication must be packaged in the ORIGINAL PHARMACY CONTAINER, clearly labeled with student’s name, the authorized prescriber’s name, and the medication instructions.

    5. Over-the-counter medications must be in their original unopened containers.

    6.The medication and completed authorization form must be delivered to the school nurse by a responsible adult, except that, once the nurse has reviewed the medication order and developed a plan for self-administration, the student is responsible to carry the medication to/from school each day and maintain its safe control at all times.

    7. Self-administration plans approved for the school day also extend to extra curricular activities and athletics.

    8. Self-administration of controlled medication is not permitted.

    9. No more than a three (3) month supply may be stored at a school. Except for students attending an Extended School Year program, unused medication must be destroyed if not picked up by a responsible adult by the end of the last day of school.

    Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact the school nurse or Hamden School Health Services, 203-407-2084, if you have any questions.

Tenth Grade Physicals

In keeping with Connecticut State Law, Hamden Board of Education requires that each student in the 10th grade obtain a complete health assessment. In addition, more frequent health assessments may be requested of any student if the School Medical advisor determines it necessary. The health assessment must be recorded on the State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record. This is a three-page form that must be completed in its entirety and signed by the parent-guardian and the health care provider.

Students in the ninth grade must have a health assessment completed between May 1 of their freshman year and May 1 of their sophomore year. The state form must be submitted to the school nurse by May 1st of the student's 10th grade year. If a health assessment is not completed within the year outlined above, the student will not be allowed to re-enter Sacred Heart Academy at the start of the next school year. Assessments handed in late (after May 1st) will take time to process and may result in a delay of one or more days before the student may enter school in the 11th grade.

This state form will also qualify for sports participation if all three pages are completed in their entirety. Sports physicals are valid for 13 months.
We recommend keeping a copy of the physical for your records.


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