Student Life

Clubs & Organizations

After the school day is done, girls are encouraged to further explore their interests through a wide range of clubs and organizations at SHA. Co-curricular activites at SHA provide students with the opportunity to discover new skills and build new friendships outside of the classroom setting.

Clubs with Open Membership

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  • Anime Club

    The Anime Club will focus on educating students about Japan and other cultures that produce anime, as well as how anime portrays and is involved in these cultures. “Anime” a word used in Japanese to mean all styles of animation everywhere, has come to mean a predominantly Japanese style of animation characterized by colorful images, strong characters, and action- packed, futuristic and/or fantastic stories. This club will include discussions and viewings of anime as well as sharing of Japanese food and culture.
  • Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry is a peer ministry outreach to the greater school community and promotes a “culture of Christian service” flowing from a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone: students, faculty and staff members, parents, and alumnae are considered members of SHA’s Campus Ministry. They will all be encouraged to whole heartedly participate as a servant of Christ in all SHA Campus Ministry service projects, spiritual growth opportunities, and worship experiences.
  • Charism Connection

  • Chinese Club

    The purpose of the club is to promote understanding of Chinese culture by discussion and examination of its various aspects such as history, language, culture, and current affairs. For those students who do not take Chinese but are interested in Chinese and Chinese culture. this club will provide a great opportunity for them to learn with fun activities. For students who are taking Chinese, they can enjoy practicing the language with each other and will also learn more about different aspects of Chinese culture.
  • Classics Club

    The purpose of the Classics Club is to explore and develop an appreciation for the cultures of the Greek and Roman world.
  • Clelian (Yearbook)

    The purpose of Clelian is to produce a yearbook that captures the spirit and activity of the school year and that serves as a historical record of the year. The yearbook gives staff members experience in the journalistic demands of copy writing, photography, and layout design in a computer-based setting.
  • Drama Club

    The purpose of the Drama Club is to have fun while learning about all the aspects of drama through the practical experience of producing a small production. This includes teamwork, communication, commitment and responsibility, and experiences of acting, directing, producing, managing and technical work.
  • Earth Club

    The goal of Earth Club is to better the Sacred Heart Academy community and larger community of Connecticut by spreading awareness of environmental issues. Through the use of discussions, volunteering and service projects, Earth Club will inspire its members as well as Sacred Heart Academy students to do their part in order to protect and improve the environment around them. Students will take part in activities such as implementing a strong recycling program, planting trees, and starting a climate change awareness day in order to spread awareness among the students at Sacred Heart Academy.

    "They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the Earth w ill be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea" -Isaiah 11:9
  • Excelsior Club

  • Film Study Club

  • French Club

    The French Club aims to promote better understanding and appreciation of French culture and to deepen the students’ understanding of foreign cultures in general. Students are not required to know any French.
  • Math League

    The purpose of the Math League is to stretch the students mathematically by participating in the New England Math League and AMC –12- Tests and to build confidence and self-esteem in students who are mathematically and scientifically oriented.
  • Medical Research Club

    The Medical Researchers Club is for everyone interested in a career in medicine. You will have the opportunity to learn about basic skills, such as taking a medical history or making a diagnosis, as well as to research, hear about and discuss the latest trends and research in medicine.
  • Model United Nations

  • Modern Political Issues

  • PRISM (Literary Magazine)

    PRISM seeks to discover the artwork, poetry and prose of SHA students and to publish their work in a formal literary publication.
  • Pro-Life Club

    The Pro-Life Club exists to raise awareness and promote respect for the value of life, while serving the needs of the most vulnerable in our human family, with special concern for the unborn, children, the elderly, and the poor. Members are committed to a respect for life from conception to natural death and to promoting life in a Christian way.
  • SHA Singers and Handbell Choir

    This Choral Club is comprised of students who enjoy singing in a group and do not wish to do this for credit. They will perform at various functions along with the SHA Concert Choir.
  • SHAdes of SHA

    The purpose of this club is to promote equality, diversity, and awareness in our school community. Through discussion, education, and activities, we work to create an environment of peace and understanding at SHA. SHAdes hopes to help our school learn about the differences that make us unique, embrace and value those differences, and learn how to be agents of change toward acceptance and discovery not only in our own school, but our nation as well. With Excelsior values, SHAdes hopes to continually strive to work towards an environment where we will one day value all diversity that makes us beautiful.
  • SHArk Club

    The SHArk club will work to promote school spirit within the SHA community. The club will organize activities that provide opportunities for students from all classes to interact with each other in a positive and enjoyable manner. The club will work toward creating an atmosphere of school support for the many activities in the building such as sports and musical. All students are welcome to be a part of the club.
  • Sister to Sister

    The purpose of this club is to organize monthly visits to the retired sisters at Sacred Heart Manor to develop an understanding of the elderly and how much they still have to offer the Sacred Heart Academy students.
  • Ski Club

    Ski club is a seasonal, recreational club for people interested in skiing or snowboarding at local mountains with the possibility of day trips to VT mountains during the winter months. Depending on student interest, the club will organize weekly Friday trips to the local mountain in January for 5 weeks. Skiers may rent equipment at the mountain. Experience required.
  • The Alethea (School Newspaper)

    The purpose of Alethea is to write, edit and publish the school newspaper four times a year. The newspaper gives students the opportunity to further develop their writing and research skills and express the ideas and opinions of the SHA student body.
  • Visual Arts Club

    The Visual Arts Club is a combination of the Art and Photography clubs.  This club will encompass the various media of both clubs. Some “events” may include a chalk walk art festival to begin the year.  Other activities include face painting at the Holly Berry Festival, “Inktober” and “Mermay” –exploring a certain media each month.
  • Wellness Club

Organizations with Elected/Selected Membership

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  • Concert Choir and Honors Chamber Choir

    Students focus their study on a variety of sacred and secular choral repertoires drawn from the Western art music tradition, world music, and popular song. Through rehearsals and performance, students develop their vocal abilities, sight- singing skills and sense of ensemble. Study culminates in major performances each semester. Both of these are courses for which students must register. No audition is required for Concert Choir; however, students must pass an audition to be accepted into Honors Chamber Choir.
  • Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)

    The Math Honor Society is dedicated to providing a method for schools to recognize and encourage those students who enjoy and excel in mathematics, inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics through school wide activities. Members of the group are dedicated to community service by organizing and providing peer tutoring for other students.
  • NHS (National Honor Society)

    NHS is a select group of students that strives to foster the intellectual development of the school community and to provide service to the school community.
  • Orchestra

    Comprised of a select, auditioned group of instrumentalists, Orchestra is a course that meets one day a week from 2:15pm- 3:30pm and at specially scheduled rehearsals. Instrumentalists must take this course for both semesters to obtain credit. Students of various levels of proficiency (beginner to advanced) must already own (or rent) and know the rudiments of their instruments. Additional instruction is given to build an ensemble capable of playing musical literature of various styles and periods. Performances are scheduled throughout the year, including a Christmas and spring recital.
  • Peer Connection

    Peer Connection is a community of students whose mission is to offer a caring, Christian connection to their peers through confidential listening, mediation techniques, intervention strategies, and group support. Freshmen may apply for membership in March.
  • Science National Honor Society

    The SNHS encourages and recognizes scientific and intellectual thought, advances the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, communicates with the scientific community, encourages students to participate in community service and in turn, encourages a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind.
  • Student Council

    The Student Council exists to promote and encourage student leadership, to render service, to serve as a student governing body and to achieve a better u understanding of the aims and philosophy of SHA. Student Council works to support and encourage unity within the school.