College Counseling & Student Support

The Guidance Department is committed to supporting the mission of the Academy by promoting the growth of the whole person in a caring environment. The counselors work with students, teachers, administrators, support staff and parents to help students achieve academic and personal success.

The Guidance curriculum includes the following for students and families:

Freshman Year

All freshman will be supported by Jeanne Mazzariello, our Pastoral and Freshman Guidance Counselor who will meet with each freshman in her Freshman Seminar class and in a one-on-one meeting during the school year. All freshmen will take the PSAT 8/9 in October.

Sophomore Year

Beginning sophomore year, students will be assigned a Guidance College Counselor, who will support them through graduation. All sophomores will take the PSAT during the school day in October. Parents and students are invited to a Sophomore College Planning evening in March. During the spring, counselors will meet with all sophomores for individual conferences to discuss course selection, career, and college plans. Naviance, a college and career web-based planning resource is also introduced during this meeting.

Junior Year

All Juniors will take the PSAT during the school day in October. Parents and students are invited to a Junior College Planning evening in January. Individual conferences are scheduled in winter to work with students to find colleges that are a good fit for their personal and academic strengths as well as their career aspirations. Planning for SAT, ACT and Subject Tests are also discussed.

Senior Year

All seniors and their parents are invited to a Senior College Application Night in September. Personalized senior conferences are scheduled following this meeting to discuss all aspects of the college planning and application process.

Pastoral Counseling

Because each person’s emotional, spiritual, and educational journeys are closely intertwined, the role of the Pastoral Counselor is to provide care, support and guidance that integrates theological and psychological perspectives. Whether a student is in crisis, or simply seeking personal growth, the Pastoral Counselor can be a mentor through the process of exploring, gaining insight and developing strategies for action that may be necessary to promote wholeness.

College Planning

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  • College Admissions Representatives

    Throughout the fall, admissions representatives from many colleges and universities will visit SHA during lunch. Students are notified by email and announcements of these visits. This is an excellent way to talk directly with a college admissions representative who, in many cases, will actually be reading your application.
  • ND/SHA College Fair

    The annual SHA/ND College Fair takes place on the first Tuesday of October each year.  There are over 100 colleges/universities who attend.
  • Transcripts

    Your transcript is a record of your final grades to date (9-11) plus a list of your senior courses. We do not send your scores from standardized tests. You must request these from College Board or ACT.

    Transcipt Request Forms for College Applications may be downloaded or are located in the Guidance Office. Completed Transcript Request Forms require a $2.00 payment and should be submitted to Mrs. Celentano.
  • Letters of Recommendation

    You should ask the faculty member first if they will write a letter of recommendation for you. If they agree, you should complete the Faculty Recommendation Information Sheet available in Guidance, and give it to the faculty member. Faculty will submit letters directly to the Guidance Office. It is very important that you notify faculty as to due dates for letters of recommendation; make your requests early! Please email teachers through the Naviance Family Connection to request a letter of recommendation.
  • Resume

    We encourage students to include a resume when applying to college. You can find a sample resume in your College Planning Guide or create it on Naviance.
  • Deadlines

    Students are responsible for checking on all deadlines. Please allow 10 school days for transcript request processing.
  • Financial Aid

    Each September, a financial aid workshop will be presented for parents of seniors in the Lecture Hall. Mr. Lewis DeLuca of Southern Connecticut State University will go over all aspects of the financial aid process. Refer to FAFSA for information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The CSS Profile, a separate and additional financial aid form which is required by many private colleges. Both become available online on October 1. Watch all deadlines for financial aid, especially if you are applying early. Each college may set their own deadline! An excellent overall resource for financial aid is

    Net Price Calculator
    Every college has a Net Price Calculator on the Financial Aid section of their website.  This calculator will help you determine the estimated cost of attendance at that particular college.
  • Scholarships

    Guidance releases scholarship information as it becomes available directly to students via email. Please check your hometown newspaper for scholarship opportunities available for residents of your hometown.

    Transcripts for Scholarship Applications
    All scholarship applications that require a transcript or letter of recommendation must be submitted to Guidance one week in advance of the deadline.

    Transcript Request Forms for Scholarships may be downloaded or are located in the Guidance Office. Completed Transcript Request Forms along with a $2.00 payment should be submitted to Mrs. Celentano.

    Online Scholarship Resources

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  • Photo of Kerry Alexander

    Mrs. Kerry Alexander 

    Director of Guidance
  • Photo of Anna Patel

    Mrs. Anna Patel 

    Guidance Counselor
  • Photo of Jeanne Mazzariello

    Mrs. Jeanne Mazzariello 

    Pastoral/Freshman Counselor
  • Photo of Cheryl Celentano

    Mrs. Cheryl Celentano 

    Guidance Secretary
    203-288-2309, x309