Concussion Guidelines

Concussion Management Plans

Since the diagnosis of concussions has increased over the past few years, Sacred Heart Academy has developed a set of guidelines related to this condition. If a student is diagnosed with a concussion, parents should notify the school nurse immediately. Medical guidelines should be given by the student’s health care provider and provided to the school. When the student is released to return to school, updated medical information will be required to set an academic plan. At that time, a meeting between the parent, student, dean of studies, and school nurse will be held to develop a personalized academic “Concussion Management Plan”.


The Concussion Management Plan will be distributed to the student’s parent, teachers, guidance department, dean of academic affairs, dean of studies, and school nurse.
The plan will be adjusted as medical updates are received from the student’s health care provider.
A “Release of Information” form may be requested to allow communication between the school and the health care provider to address the needs of the student and the effect of the concussion on academics during the recovery process and the transition back to full academic work.

Sports/Physical Activity

Prior to returning to any type of sport or physical activity a written release, as well as guidelines, from the health care provider must be provided to the school.
A “Return to Play” protocol will be established and followed in order to return to physical activity or sport participation.

For more information regarding concussion diagnosis and management, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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