About Our Curriculum

Sacred Heart Academy offers an innovative and challenging curriculum that provides each student with a well-rounded, yet customizable, academic foundation to prepare them for the college classroom and beyond. Core requirements offer exposure to multiple disciplines and an extensive selection of electives allow students to pursue their unique interests.

Honors, UConn Early College Experience, and Advanced Placement courses are available for those students who qualify.

To view a our complete course offerings with course descriptions, prerequisites, and more, download the 2021-2022 Curriculum Guide.

Course Offerings 2020-21

List of 11 items.

  • Business & Computer Technology

    114cmptrapp | Computer Applications
    156entre | Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    157finance | Personal Finance
    192cspAP | AP Computer Science Principles (Advanced Placement)
  • English

    214engI | Introduction to Literary Genres and Basic Composition
    217engIH | Honors Introduction to Literary Genres and Basic Composition
    228engII | British Literature
    229engIIH | Honors British Literature
    234engIII | American Literature
    237engIIIH | Honors American Literature
    290langAP | AP English Language & Composition (Advanced Placement)
    265wldlit | World Literature
    29llitAP | AP English Literature (Advanced Placement)
    245myth | Mythology as Literature
    250novel | Great Novels
    266shkspr | Shakespeare
    286writsem | Writing Seminar

    246fic | Contemporary Fiction (2021-22)
    247drama | Modern Drama: 20th Century Stage and Screen (2021-22)
    249journ | Journalism and Memoir (2021-22)
  • Fine Arts

    310arts |  Introduction to Fine Arts

    Visual Art
    325stdart | Studio Art
    330photo | Digital Photography
    364tvprod | TV Production
    327paint | Painting I
    367nvprod | Narrative Video Production
    345portH | Honors Art Portfolio
    313mltart |  Multimedia Studies in Art (2021-22)

    351orch | Orchestra
    354shchoir | Concert/Show Choir
    358chamchoirH | Honors Chamber Choir
    363beginkey | Beginners Keyboard
    385bells | Handbell Choir (2021-22)

    369theatre | Introduction to the Theatre I
    368shax | Shakespearean Drama (2021-22)
  • Freshman Transition Program

    005frtran | Freshman Transition
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

    007int | Honors Fundamentals of Philosophy
    008int | Genetic Ethical Issues
  • Mathematics

    515algI | Algebra I
    517alg IH | Honors Algebra I
    524geom | Geometry
    527geomH | Honors Geometry
    534algII | Algebra II
    537algIIH | Honors Algebra II
    539 algIIpcH | Honors Algebra II/ Pre-Calculus
    544statAP | AP Statistics (Advanced Placement)
    546precalc | Pre-Calculus
    547precalcH | Honors Pre-Calculus (UConn ECE)
    548calc | Calculus
    549stat | Introduction to Statistics
    551advmath | Advanced Math
    552trig | Trigonometry
    593calcAP | AP Calculus AB (Advanced Placement and UConn ECE)
    594calcAP | AP Calculus BC (Advanced Placement)
  • Physical Education

    615physedI | Physical Education I
    635physedII | Physical Education II
    651peasst | Physical Education Assistants
  • Science

    814bio | Biology
    817bioH | Honors Biology
    834chem | Chemistry
    837chemH | Honors Chemistry
    895genes | Human Gene Discovery Laboratory
    848engdes | Engineering Design
    852microbio | Microbiology
    856forens | Forensic Science
    839chemanl | Chemical Analysis
    865gen | Genetics
    859a&p | Anatomy and Physiology
    861a&pH | Honors Anatomy and Physiology
    844physics | Physics
    898biotecH | Honors Biotechnology Research Project
    890bioAP | AP Biology (Advanced Placement and UConn ECE)
    892chemAP | AP Chemistry (Advanced Placement)
    894physAP | AP Physics 1 (Advanced Placement)

    860astron | Introduction to Astronomy (2021-22)
  • Social Studies

    915ancciv | Ancient Civilizations
    934wciv | Western Civilization
    937wcivH | Honors Western Civilization
    975eurhisAP | AP European History
    924ushis | United States History
    927ushisH | Honors U.S. History
    992ushisAP | AP U.S. History (Advanced Placement)
    914gov | U.S. Government
    964govAP | AP U.S Government (Advanced Placement)
    983psych | Psychology
    993psychAP | AP Psychology (Advanced Placement)
    945law | Law and Legal System
    946mideast | Middle Eastern Studies

    963asian | Asian Studies (2021-22)
    965issues | Issues in the U.S. 1945-Present (2021-22)
    967arthist | Art History (2021-22)
  • Theology

    714theol I | Theology I: Our Catholic Faith
    724theolII | Theology II: Scripture
    734theolIII | Theology III: Conscience Formation & Catholic Social Teaching
    744theolIV | Theology IV: Life in Christ
  • World Language

    413spI | Spanish I
    424spII | Spanish II
    427spIIH | Honors Spanish II
    434spIII | Spanish III
    437spIIIH | Honors Spanish III
    444spIV | Spanish IV: Conversation & Culture
    457splngAP | AP Spanish Language (Advanced Placement)

    416frI | French I
    426frII | French II
    429frIIH | Honors French II
    436frIII | French III
    439frIIIH | Honors French III
    447frIVH | Honors French IV (UConn ECE)
    449frenchAP | AP French (Advanced Placement)

    415latI | Latin I
    428latIIH | Honors Latin II
    450latIIIH | Honors Latin III
    452latIVH |  Honors Latin IV: Topics in Latin Literature
    484latAP | AP Latin (Advanced Placement and UConn ECE)

    411chinI | Mandarin Chinese I
    421chinII | Mandarin Chinese II
    431chinIIIH | Honors Mandarin Chinese III
    442chinH | Honors Mandarin Chinese (UConn ECE)