Alumnae Courtyard Memorial Rose Garden

The SHA Alumnae Courtyard Memorial Rose Garden was created in June 2008 as a living memorial and is located in the inner courtyard, framed by the Chapel, Library and first floor hallway.   Any member of the SHA community, past or present, who would like to contribute to the Rose Garden in memory of a loved one may do so by mailing their $50 donation to Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ ’77, Alumnae Director.

We recall in a most special way those – both living and deceased - who are being remembered by their families and friends in the creation of this garden and whose love we hold close to our hearts always.

O almighty and everlasting God we ask you to bless these trees, plants, flowers and roses.
May this garden be a living reminder of the goodness, virtue, tranquility, peace and victory of those in whose memory it has been created and may an abundance of good things
and the fullness of your blessing reward those who give their time, talent and treasure to make the creation of this garden possible and also pleasing to You.
We ask this in the name of your Son.

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Antinora and Angeline
Sr. Catherine Antinora, ASCJ

In memory of Arthur E. Moan, Jr.
Louise Moan Bouteiller ’80
H. Joseph and Juel Moan
Michael and Doreen Moan

In memory of Janice Edwards, ‘80
Louise Moan Bouteiller ’80

In memory of the Brillante and Falsey families
Margaret Falsey Brillante ’72

In memory of the deceased members of the Class of 1955
Violet Tortora Carbone ’55

In memory of Marcella Cornacchia, ‘86
Kimberly Yates Carew ’76

In memory of the members of the Norton, Carney and Ryan families
Carol Norton Carter ’73

In memory of Stephanie Rose Celone, ‘03
Richard and Janis Celone

In memory of my grandmother Rosa T. Dio
JoMichelle Corrales

In memory of William J. Iovanna
Carol Iovanna DiPietro ’63

In memory of Phyllis Dorman
Alicia Dorman ’83

In memory of my father, Michael Buonasora
Ann Marie Buonasora Engstrom ’73

In memory of Victor H. Forni
In memory of Paul and Lillian Barbiero

Diane Forni ’77

In memory of Rosemarie Koczy
Terri Palmieri Glynn

In memory of Theresa Fisco
April Fisco Keib ’87

In memory of my husband, Richard D. Kline
Hilary Kline ’62

In memory of Violet Civitello
Carol Civitello Martineau ’67

In memory of Sr. Joan Krueger, ASCJ
Jeanne Lawlor Mazzariello ’78

In memory of Phyllis D. McHenry
Maryellen McHenry ’71

In memory of the deceased members of the Brodeur family
In memory of the deceased members of the Moan family

Mariette B. Moan

In thanksgiving to God for our parents, Arthur and Mariette Moan
In memory of Sr. Antonine Signorelli, foundress of SHA
In memory of the deceased members of the Class of 1977

Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ ’77

In memory of John and Anna Colowitch
Mary Colowitch Moll ’77

In memory of Mary Lacy D’Agata, ‘57
In memory of Agnes and Raymond Moore
In memory of Susan Madigan Kobza, ‘62

Patricia Moore ’57

In memory of my parents, Phyllis and John Walsh
Karen Walsh Reidy ’74

In memory of SSG Thomas E. Vitagliano
Tammy Vitagliano Ronan ’87

In memory of George Saddig
Tracy-Ann Saddig ’97

Gift of Joan Petrucci Soderburg ‘58

In memory of Janet Somma, ‘77
Sandy Somma

In memory of Kathleen Sullivan Smith, ‘69
In memory of William Sullivan

Eleanor Sullivan

In memory of Mary and John Valente
Emily Valente ’62

In memory of my parents, Anthony and Anne Venditto
Joan Venditto ’59

In memory of Aristobulo Villegas and Jorge Hernan Venegas
Sr. Luisa Villegas, ASCJ ’93 and Family

In memory of Frank and Elsie Pieper
Barbara Pieper Walding ’56

In memory of Lawrence Lupoli
Lorraine Lupoli Wihbey ’70

In memory of Kristie (O’Connell) Wright, ‘95
Marisa Anastasio ’95
Allison DeMatteo ’95
Leslie Torre ’95

In memory of Joseph and Anne Wondrach
Nancy Wondrach Uranker ’65

In memory of Dolores Pellegrino
Judy Keating Killoy ’81
Laurie Gianotti Butterworth ’80
Karen Killoy McLaughlin ’80
Mary Foley Masterson ’81
Mary Stanton DeGennaro ’81
Nancy Navaretta ’80
Katie O’Neill Regan ’81
Sandra Ramadei Fillion ’80
Mary Gaffney Dunn ’80

In memory of my grandparents, Ralph and Giovanna Sordilli
In memory of Joseph and Josephine Ditta
In memory of the deceased members
of the Sordilli and Paglia families

Joann Sordilli Ditta ’78

In memory of Dolores Pellegrino
In memory of Judith Ford Keating
Mary Lyons Samson ’81

In memory of my parents John M. Riordan
and Gladys L. Straub

Edys Riordan Stine ’57

In memory of Nancy Luke Zimmerman ’73
Rene Onorato Mamouzellos ’74

In memory of Josephine Butler


Marian Garden

In memory of Marie Angela DeFalco Sommo ’54
By her beloved husband, Charles Sommo


Rose Garden Committee

Betsy Fitzsimons '76 | Chair
Joann Sordilli Ditta '78

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