Business & Computer Technology

The Business and Computer Technology Department provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of aspects of the business world, including technology, marketing, management, and personal finance. One-half credit is required for graduation.

114cmptrap | Computer Applications
GR 9        QP 4.33        ½ CREDIT         SEM 1 OR 2
This one-semester course provides a thorough introduction to computer applications. The course begins with an introduction to digital citizenship, computer hardware, software, and networking including related concepts and terminology. The balance of the course concentrates on developing proficiencies in word processing (including MLA formatting standards and proper citations), spreadsheets, presentation graphics, and digital image and video editing.  To maximize contextual learning of the software applications, assignments will be project-based.

140cmptrsci | Intro to Computer Science
GR 10-12     QP 4.33            ½ CREDIT        SEM 1 OR 2
In this course, students explore several computational building blocks found in Python and many other languages including variables, data types, mathematical and Boolean operators, built-in functions, if-else conditional statements, and loops for repetition. Students will use video-based lessons, interactive labs and assignments, and an online forum where support is available seven days a week. 

156entre | Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
GR 10-12        QP 4.33        ½ CREDIT         SEM 1 OR 2
This one semester course is designed to appeal to students who are considering the study of business (including law and accounting) in college as well as students who may aspire to business ownership.  It is designed to enable students to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to effectively organize, develop, create and manage their own business.  Topics include traits of an entrepreneur, benefits and potential drawbacks of owning a small business, creation of a business plan, forms of business ownership, franchising, partnerships, sole proprietorship, corporations, marketing, advertising and the importance of e-commerce and internet advertising.

545finance | Personal Finance
GR 11-12        QP 4.33        ½ CREDIT         SEM 1 OR 2
This course explores the mathematics of personal and business matters with an emphasis on everyday decision making. Topics in personal finance include analyzing budgets, banking, insurance, credit, taxes, real estate and investments. Students research a range of investment opportunities and financial instruments from a variety of sources including the Internet.
Note: This course counts toward the four-credit math requirement.

240cmptrsci | Advanced Computer Science (2018-19)
GR 10-12     QP 4.33            ½ CREDIT        SEM 1 OR 2
The building blocks from The Introduction to Computer Science class will all be used in more complex programs. Students will experience how computer languages like Python can be used to solve day-to-day problems, and explore how people in many different fields, including medicine, meteorology, and sports have developed computer models to simulate real-world situations. 
Prereq:  Intro to Computer Science (140)

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