Course Registration FAQs

Q. I am having trouble logging-in to NetClassroom. What is wrong?
A. Be sure that you are typing the correct password. All letters in the password must be typed in CAPS. Common errors include confusing a capital O with the number 0, as well as confusing a capital I (as in India) with the number 1. If you need to verify your log-in information, please contact the main office.

Q. I am a student. Why don't I see the Edit Requests button after following the menu path Registration > Enter Requests?
A.Verify that you are using your student log-in. The Edit Requests button is only available for students. Parents/guardians cannot edit requests.

Q. How many credits are required each year?

A. All students must enroll in at least 6.5 credits each year. The graduation requirement is 27 credits. Since 7 credits are required during Grade 9, a student may enroll in 6.5 credits during two of her remaining three years. The Curriculum Worksheet details all graduation requirements.

Q. I am a current freshman who is taking 916const Constitutional Foundations in Term 2. May I enter a course request for 937wcivH Honors Western Civilization?

A. Any freshman without a Constitutional Foundations grade (because she is taking the course during Term 2) may request Honors Western Civilization as long as her 1st Semester overall GPA is 3.67 or higher. If a student has not yet received a Constitutional Foundations grade and does not have the 3.67 overall GPA, she must wait until June to enroll in the Honors course.

Q. I don't currently meet the pre-requisite for a course. May I still register for the course?
A. In order to register for a course, a student must meet all pre-requisites. For 937wcivH, please note the conditions above.

Q. I don't currently meet the pre-requisite for a course. If I pull my grade up and meet the pre-requisite at the end of the year, may I add this course request in June?
A. In most cases, the answer is yes. As it states on Page 4 of the Curriculum Guide, there will be a three-day period in mid-June during which schedule changes may be made. These changes include course adds or drops related to pre-requisites. Any upgrade requests at year-end will be based on availability.

Q. Do I still need to submit my Course Selection Worksheet to my advisor?
A. Yes. The course selection worksheets should be returned to your advisor on or before the deadline for your grade level. Remember: The course selection sheet must be signed by a parent and your advisor.

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