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Alumna Pledges to Match Campaign Donations Dollar-for-Dollar Up to $150,000

After graduating from Sacred Heart Academy in 1974, Megan McLeod continued her education at Smith College and The Stanford Graduate School of Business. Even with these extraordinary college and graduate school experiences, Megan considers her years at Sacred Heart to be among the most rewarding and important in her life. Megan now lives in California and, together with her husband Rick, responded to the opportunity to help future young women benefit from a Catholic education at Sacred Heart with an initial campaign gift of $250,000.

Megan, in an effort to help drive the campaign to the finish line, created a dollar-for-dollar challenge grant up to $150,000 which allowed us to achieve our $5 million dollar campaign goal. This gave donors the opportunity to multiply the impact of their gift so all gifts, regardless of size, have the potential to do far more good.

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We are most grateful to Megan McLeod Hernandez '74 and her husband, Rick, for creating this opportunity to cross the finish line and all those who have supported Ever Higher - The Campaign for Sacred Heart Academy!
After years of blessings and careful stewardship, the time has come for us to reach ever higher and expand our physical space - our school building. To that end, we undertook a clear-eyed assessment, gathering information from experts, and found there are enhancements we must make to prepare our students and our community for the challenges of scholarship, service, and citizenship in the 21st century.
Sacred Heart Academy is a true community, a home away from home. Phase I of Ever Higher is all about enhancing this sense of community by building a new wing that will be an educational, social, and cultural hub.

This new wing is so much more than bricks and mortar. From the striking new entrance with top-notch security, it will serve as the true heart of our school. The new wing, or student center as we refer to it as, will feature new offices for the president, principal, admissions and alumnae, including an alumnae board room which will house precious reminders of our heritage. In addition, a much needed student commons where students can gather and where the kismet of students bumping into each other will encourage spontaneous collaboration and generate ideas, projects and activities. This new school center will truly be the hub of the school.

The benefits of this new wing will be greater than its individual parts. The school center will improve security with a single, properly monitored entry point. It will support admissions, providing a welcoming experience for prospective families. And, as the school’s heart, it will enrich our culture and sense of community by improving accessibility for those who are disabled.

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"We plan to build a space that will allow us to keep pace with the changing academic climate of the 21st century, and that will enhance the sense of community that is central to our mission."

Sr. Sheila O'Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71
Campaign Cabinet
Deborah Camner
Alora Caraglio Coppola ’08
Sallie Vece DeMarsilis ’82
David Garamella
Karen S. Harris
Elaine Mastagni Lamboley ’60
Francis Lamboley, Esq.
Nancy LaPointe
Stephen LaPointe
Sr. Sheila O'Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71
Campaign Committee
Tara Cocchiarella Barreira ’02
John F. Buckley, Jr., Esq.
Tricia Buckley
Mary Kathleen Carofano ’97
Elizabeth Christophy, Ph.D.
Ed Church
Tracy Salemme Church ’79
Jamie Coady ’94
Maura Wilson Coppola ’70
Anne Cropp, PharmD
John Cropp, Ph.D.
Kellie Ciaburro Guth ’88
Kevin Guth
Kristin Morico ’80
Brian Murphy
Maureen Sullivan Murphy ’75
Joyce Pellegrino ’66
Thomas Pursell, Esq.
Linda Sciascia
Roger Sciascia
Earl W. Tucker III
Mary Lavallee Tucker ’84
Joan Venditto ’59
Kathleen Vissers
Robert Vissers

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