If someone was to sit down with a stack of Clelian yearbooks covering the 60+ years of the life of Sacred Heart Academy, many changes would be evident as time passed. The hairstyles alone chronicle the trip from the 1940s to the present day nearly as well as any museum could! Still, there are threads woven through the annual events and traditions that have withstood the test of time and have not gone out of fashion so easily. These events and traditions link the thousands of alumnae with the students who walk in their steps today, and hopefully with future generations as well.

In particular, there are three events that have taken place every year since the first students enrolled at SHA in 1946: the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, the May Crowning, and the Musical production, known as the "Operetta" into the 1970s.


Enthronement of the Sacred Heart
Each October, and often on that First Friday, the Sacred Heart Academy community gathers at Mass to enthrone Jesus as the King and Center of our hearts and lives and make an Act of Consecration to His Sacred Heart. In doing this we are reaffirming the commitment of our Baptismal Vows, which is a lifetime commitment of faith and love...

  May Crowning

Each May the Sacred Heart Academy Community gathers together to crown an image of Mary, the Mother of God, our Mother and the Queen of Peace and to consecrate ourselves to God through her prayers. All students, faculty, and staff participate in yhis paraliturgy which includes a prayerful Living Rosary with scriptural meditations and beautiful hymns.

  The Musical/Operetta
The 2009 production of Fiddler on the Roof is the 4th time Fiddler has been presented on the SHA stage, tying The Sound of Music for the most-presented show since the first "operetta" —The Royal Way and Home to Mother—hit the stage on Greene St. in 1948...

Mary Costanzo Bernabucci '78, mother of Maria Bernabucci '19 crowns the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the Enthronement of 1978.

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