Excelsior Enrichment Program Welcomes Shanelle Henry

Shanelle Henry, Director of Equity & Inclusion at Greens Farms Academy, joined us Friday, November 12th to facilitate an open discussion with SHA students, faculty and staff about how we think of ourselves and others. Specifically, Ms. Henry centered the dialogue around microaggressions and how the mind can consciously and unconsciously play an impactful role in our interactions with others, daily.  
She explained microaggressions can be both verbal and nonverbal slights and disparaging messages towards another person with regards to their various identities. No matter who we are, we have likely been on the giving and receiving end of a microaggression. Often, these are not purposeful or intentionally malicious although the consequences can be damaging and long-lasting. 

Ms. Henry’s insights reminded our community to reflect on how we can become more self-aware about our interactions with others and in turn, improve our relationships. One easy tool suggested to practice this in our everyday life is to mindfully celebrate everyone’s individuality and treat others the way 
they would like to be treated.  

We are grateful for Ms. Henry’s time and insights and for helping us address a topic we all too often may overlook.