Introducing The Excelsior Enrichment Program

A SHA education extends beyond traditional academics. Every Friday, guest speakers, group discussions, and hands-on activities enhance student knowledge on topics such as spirituality, social justice, physical and emotional wellness, and leadership. We dedicate the first Friday of every month to our Catholic faith through the celebration of First Friday Mass, a beloved SHA tradition. The following Fridays, the entire school participates in all-school assemblies as part of our Excelsior Enrichment Program.  
Our first Excelsior Enrichment Friday on September 10th focused on Social Justice and was led by Robert Johnson, Director of Multicultural Affairs at Sacred Heart University. Mr. Johnson facilitated an interactive discussion surrounding diversity and encouraged the audience to consider various social identity groups that best described them. This exercise helped our community better understand how certain attributes, while not defining us, can in part, help us better understand ourselves and our surroundings.  

Mr. Johnson particularly connected with the juniors and seniors in attendance. Following a worksheet provided, students were encouraged to share what identities distinguished them and in turn, made them proud. Exercises such as this illustrate how impactful and thought provoking these Excelsior Enrichment Friday’s will be for our community throughout this year.