Science Fair 2021

Sacred Heart Academy’s Science Fair is an annual event sponsored by the Science Department. Each year, students are encouraged to pursue an area of interest grounded in a wide range of real-world issues such as the effects of pollution and climate change to analysis of alternative medicine and its effectiveness in treating Covid-19.

Under faculty supervision students perform independent research on their chosen topic, design and execute experiments, analyze the data and draw conclusions in order to support or disprove their hypothesis. Students submit their projects to the science department judges who then select projects from each grade to present and defend their project orally to the department. The projects are then ranked according to junior division (freshmen and sophomores) and senior division (juniors and seniors). The first, second and third place winners go on to the state science fair at Quinnipiac in March. 
The projects for this year’s science fair were theoretical due to the pandemic. Students searched for publicly available data, analyzed the data in a new way and came to original conclusions about the data. The students were not limited to experiments they could perform on their own which resulted in a broader range of topics including astronomy, sociology and public health, among other topics.
Dr. Betty Christophy adds “I look forward to the science fair every year. Watching the students work independently in the lab and seeing them experience the feeling of discovery is amazing. This year’s theoretical projects came out so well and really and really point us in a new direction for research.”
Congratulations to the winners of this year’s science fair and good luck to those competing at the state fair in March!
1st Place 
Mehr Chhatre “Analysis of COVID-19 Treatment Options- Ayurvedic and Allopathic: Possible Combination Therapy Design”

Junior Division
1st Place

Emma Kirck “Forest Fires Fuel Droughts”

2nd Place tie
Megan Doyle “Cyanobacteria and its Effects on Elephant Population”
Alexandra Van Gelder “CO2 Emissions to Polar Bears: How Reducing CO2 Emissions can Protect the Ursus Maritimus

3rd Place tie
Grace Gogliettino “Space X: Friend or Foe”
Gianna Gassira “Transmission of Covid-19 Through the Aerosols Spread by Musical Instruments”

We would also like to congratulate the following students who earned an Honorable Mention.

Honorable Mentions
Julia Cannon – “The Effects the Altering Chemistry of the Ocean has on Warm Water Coral Reefs”
Margaret Jinks – “The Prevalence of Dementia in Low Income Communities”
Natalie Mugno –“The Correlation Between Sea Otters and Kelp”
Viola Troqe – “Parental Influence on Generational Smoking”