Enthronement 2020

Sacred Heart Academy celebrated the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart on Friday October 16th, the Feast Day of  St. Margaret Mary, patron saint of the Sacred Heart.
Each year we gather at mass to enthrone Jesus as the King and center of our hearts and lives. We make an act of consecration to his Sacred Heart. In doing this we affirm the commitment of our baptismal vows, which is a lifetime commitment of faith and love. This commitment is important to our purpose as Excelsior Women to share God’s love with the world.
A senior is elected by her classmates and faculty to crown the statue of Jesus. This student embodies our Core Values. She is a young woman who builds up our Catholic community and models for us the kind of integrity to which the Sacred Heart calls us. She strives for excellence as she uses her gifts to share Christ’s love with others and imitates the compassionate Heart of Christ in her interaction with others. She brings Christ’s peace and justice to the world by promoting a culture of service here at SHA.
This year, the voting resulted in a tie! Mary Kate Hewitt of Hamden and Jessica Giammattei of Wallingford were selected as co-enthroners to crown the statue. “Enthronement is such a special tradition at SHA and I am so honored that I was selected,” Mary Kate said, “this is a memory that will I will cherish for my entire life.” Jessica mentioned that “Enthronement is such a beautiful tradition and I am so lucky to be part of it. I am grateful that we were able to have a virtual ceremony to keep this tradition during these challenging times.”
Due to safety precautions around COVID-19, the Enthronement ceremony was celebrated as a virtual prayer service with the help of our Campus Ministry team. Mary Kate, Jessica and their classmates who were nominated as attendants honored this tradition in the Chapel where it was streamed to television screens in the classrooms for the rest of the school.

To view the entire Enthronement Prayer Service, click here.