Seniors and Their Inspiring Teachers Honored by Archdiocese

Congratulations to our 2020 Archdiocesan Summa Scholars and the inspiring teachers they recognized. Seniors Alyssa Harduby, Maria Papademetris, Ashley Plochocki, Allison Rozear, Adalyn Schommer, and Sydney Walsh were honored with the Superintendent’s Summa Scholar Award by the Archdiocese in recognition of their superior academic performance.
These six students, all of whom met the 4.3 or higher GPA criteria, in turn honored teachers Elizabeth Christophy, Ph.D., Sandy D’Ambrosio, Jessica Kapteyn, Ph.D., Richard Marino, Susan Nelson, and Sibani Sengupta, Ph.D.

According to the Archdiocese, “The resumes of the Summa Scholars reveal outstanding accomplishments and present eloquent testimony to the quality of their educational experiences.” In prior years, students and teachers have attended a ceremony at the Archdiocese where students have received bronze medallions engraved with their names, the crest of the Archdiocese and a prayer: “May you find truth through faith, knowledge, and wisdom.” and teachers have received certificates of recognition. This year, because of the pandemic, the medallions for students and the certificates for teacher honorees were mailed and schools will decide how to distribute.
Summa Scholars, the educators they honored, and where they will enroll in the fall:
Alyssa Harduby honored Richard Marino (Social Studies Dept.). Alyssa will attend University of Notre Dame and major in Neuroscience and Political Science.
Maria Papademetris honored Elizabeth Christophy, Ph.D. (Science Dept.). Maria will attend Yale University and major in Chemical Engineering.
Ashley Plochocki honored Susan Nelson (Science Dept.). Ashley will attend Brandeis University and major in Biophysics/Pre-Med track.
Allison Rozear honored Jessica Kapteyn, Ph.D. (World Languages Dept.). Allison will attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute as an undeclared major.

Adalyn Schommer honored Sibani Sengupta, Ph.D. (Science Dept.). Adalyn will attend Vassar College and major in Biology and Greek & Roman Studies.
Sydney Walsh honored Sandra D’Ambrosio (Theology Dept.). Sydney will attend Villanova University in the Exploratory Science Program.  

Principal Sr. Kathleen Mary Coonan offered, “Congratulations to our six Summa Scholars on their academic achievements and to the inspiring members of our faculty they honored on this well-deserved recognition.”