Diversity Week Increases Global Awareness

At Sacred Heart, the week preceding winter break is traditionally dedicated to promoting diversity and building unity through education, and the celebration of differences. During that period, the student organization, SHAdes of SHA, hosts an annual Diversity Week that culminates in a school-wide assembly.

The assembly includes a cultural performance, a speaker, and the annual much anticipated cultural fashion show. From Zumba lessons to making moon cakes, and a potluck celebration of cultural foods, Diversity Week helps to both strengthen the appreciation for different cultures within our community, and increase global awareness.

The diversity assembly is always the highlight of the celebration. This year, we welcomed members of the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW). Founded in 1972, by a small group of Latinos who experienced difficulties finding translators, interpreters, employment, and medical assistance in their community, SCOW provides its community with social, educational, and cultural services. This organization helps individuals and families to succeed in U.S. society while enabling them to maintain and shaire their rich, varied cultures with the broader community. At our assembly, they presented their Las Sevillanas dancers. Sevillanas are a song and dance form typical of the Spanish town of Seville, but sung and danced across the Andalusian region as well. We also learned that schools all over Spain and the world teach Sevillanas.
After the dance performance, Tatiana Trujillo, a clinical social worker/therapist, certified yoga instructor, and mindfulness teacher, spoke about how to manage emotions and find creative ways to cope using tools such as breathing exercises, movement, and creative projects. She also introduced the practice of mindfulness, focusing on improving relationships, building self-care and increasing self-awareness, through meditation, yoga, art, dance and reflections.

The theme of this year’s fashion show, Sharing our Similarities, Celebrating our Differences, showcased the diversity of cultures at Sacred Heart and around the world as more than thirty members of our community dressed in clothing reflecting their cultural backgrounds.