SHA Has Scoring Outburst at Career/Hillhouse

SHA 9, Career/Hillhouse 1
After a three tough matches last week, SHA was seeking to right themselves as they opened this week.  They did just that with a huge offensive day putting that saw them put nine shots in the back of the net.

Meaghan Cameron and Ella Guth led the charge for Sacred Heart with three goals each, while Paige Johnson, Gabriella Groves and Emma Riemann added a goal each to round out the scoring. Goals, assists and time scores are:

3:19  -  Meaghan Cameron goal, assists by Gabriella Groves and Lia Prato.
5:47  -  Ella Guth goal, assist by Lia Prato.
7:04  -  Ella Guth goal unassisted.
15:07 -  Gabriella Groves goal, assist by Paige Johnson.
24:39 -  Ella Guth goal unassisted.
38:47 -  Meaghan Cameron goal, assist by Gabriella Groves.
63:56 -  Meaghan Cameron goal, assist by Emma Riemann.
76:00 -  Paige Johnson goal, assist by Jada Ijeh.
79:30 -  Emma Riemann goal, assist by Gabriella Groves.

Career/Hillhouse was able to get on the board at 55:27, but the flood of scoring from SHA was too much.

SHA will get right back to work looking for their 4th W tomorrow at North Haven HS at 4:00 PM.

SHA Record: 3-3-1