The John G. Martin Foundation Supports Latest Technology for Classrooms

Sacred Heart Academy is pleased to be the recipient of a $24,000 grant from The John G. Martin Foundation of West Hartford to purchase ten state-of-the-art Promethean boards.

While it may have a slightly intimidating and mysterious name, a Promethean board is actually an incredibly useful piece of technology that is finding its way into today’s classrooms. A Promethean board is a specific brand of interactive whiteboard that allows someone to project an image from a laptop or a computer, as well as interact with the board through touch or specialized pens. Studies show that the use of interactive whiteboards considerably improves teaching and learning.
Features include:

  • Full high definition color
  • Anti-glare glass for enhanced visibility
  • Scalable software with Android applications
  • Pen and touch differentiation
  • Increased security with password protection
  • Lesson delivery software
  • Internal storage for saving/resuming lessons
  • Powerful front facing stereo speakers
  • Superior Ethernet, WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multifaceted wireless communication
Director of Mission Advancement Debbie Camner explains that "the Promethean boards are designed for smooth and effortless communication with several people being able to write on the same touch screen simultaneously. In addition, this tool allows teachers to create and show content on the screen to the class from their computers. They can then connect students on their laptops to these interactive display boards for collaborative learning."
"We are tremendously grateful to president of The John G. Martin Foundation—Frank Loehmann—and to the Foundation board for their support,” said President Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71.In order to have students comfortable and confident in this ever-changing technology-driven world, we need to have equipment that reflects the strength of our programs. This new technology allows for experiences that will best prepare our students for a fast-paced technology-driven future."

In noting that the Foundation’s board voted unanimously to approve the project, Frank M. Loehmann, Jr., said, "
The John G. Martin Foundation is proud to support the mission of Sacred Heart Academy…that of providing a challenging college preparatory education for young women."

This is the third time that the Foundation has supported the Academy. In 2015, the Foundation funded the transformation of a 40 year-old laboratory into a state-of-the-art biological science laboratory and, in 2007, the Foundation assisted in funding a molecular science research laboratory.
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