Open House ’18

We have had a terrific response to our Open House. Please enjoy a few of the many, many positive remarks received from prospective students and parents after spending the afternoon with us at Open House...

“Open House was unbelievable…so many students and parents excited to be there. It was nothing like I’ve ever experienced in my life.”
“My daughter loved Open House as much as I did. The girls gave very informative tours, and we enjoyed our time in many classrooms and labs speaking with teachers and students. The parents were lovely and helpful. It felt like family as soon as we walked in.”
“Sacred Heart is a genuine Catholic school that is not only obvious through images and symbols in the halls and rooms, but in the heart and spirit of each of your teachers and students.”
“The teachers were very warm and easy to talk to…they made us comfortable. I know that Sacred Heart will prepare my daughter well for college and for life.”
“Everything was meticulous and precise. The students were full of smiles, confident, and caring. They wanted us to appreciate their school! We hope our daughter will develop to be a strong young woman just as we witnessed at Open House in your students.”
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