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Through the CT Digital Library Program (iConn), the library has access to many Gale Gengage Learning databases needed for student research. The PowerSearch function searches 18 databases including Academic OneFile, as well the iConn Custom Newspaper databases, within one search field.

The Mary and James DiMeo Library also subscribes to the following online databases and electronic resources, which can be accessed by students and faculty from any computer with the school login and password:

  • ProQuest eLibrary Curriculum  includes 2,500 full-text and multimedia sources and access to many current magazines and newspapers and their archives. The link above includes both the ProQuest Learning: Literature and the History Study Center and will allow you to search all three databases at once.
  • ProQuest eLibrary Science offers full text, science-specific titles and selected articles from non-science specific publications. More than 400 science publications are represented, including reference books, magazines, journals, transcripts, audio/video, and manipulatives.
  • JSTOR is a growing digital library of more than 2,000 academic journals, nearly 20,000 books, and two million primary source objects. JSTOR is an online research and teaching platform that helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive.
  • Facts-on-File includes Bloom’s Literary Reference, Issues and Controversies and Today’s Science.
  • American National Biography
  • Grove/Oxford Music Online
  • Grove/Oxford Art Online
  • Oxford Biblical Studies Online
  • ALUKA: Building a digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa
  • EBSCOhost e-books which includes encyclopedias such as Colonial America, The Gilded Age, The Jazz Age, Postwar America, American Folklore, American Social Movements and Social Issues in America.
  • Salem Literature, History, Mythology, Psychology & Behavior includes literary criticism; Literary Themes, Works and Surveys

    NOTE: when using databases and electronic resources you must be sure that you are spelling your search term correctly - the search field is not intuitive, you must spell the entire word correctly for the search field to recognize the request

Web Resources


Catholic Websites:

The Holy See
The Catholic Encyclopedia
US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Catholic Relief Services
America Magazine
National Catholic Reporter
American Catholic
Catholic Answers


Data Websites:


WHO Country Stats
The World Bank
UN data
CIA Factbook
OECD Stats
UN Stats Division


Science Periodicals:

Scientific American
Science News
Science Mag
New Scientist
Chem Matters
Gen Eng and Biotech News
Genome Technology


 Art Resources:

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Louvre, Paris
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
The Getty, Los Angelos, Malibu
Tate, Britain


Library of Congress

MLA Citations
Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab



Monday - Thursday
7:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
7:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The library is open daily before, during and after school for quiet study and research. Any changes to the hours will be posted on the media center doors.

Circulation Policy

Books may be borrowed for 10 school days. Periodicals may be borrowed for 5 school days. Current issues of periodicals may not be borrowed. The late fee for overdue books and periodicals is 10 cents per day.


The Mary and James DiMeo Library serves the students, faculty and staff of Sacred Heart Academy. The librarians work in collaboration with faculty to ensure that information literacy instruction is incorporated into the curriculum at all grade levels and for all subjects.
Information literacy programs are scheduled in the Judge Ellen Burns Library Study Center on the second floor of the library or in individual classrooms.

The lower level of the library offers reference books, a periodical room and six iMacs with multi-media software including the Adobe CS Suite and Final Cut Pro.

The upper level, renovated in 2008, accommodates 24-30 students with their laptops. There are separate outlets for recharging the laptops and one laser printer. One librarian is on duty on the second floor at all times.

Along with an extensive print collection the library subscribes to a number of online databases and E-Reference books that can be accessed by students and faculty from any computer with the school login and password. Through the CT Digital Library Program (iConn), the library has access to many additional databases needed for student research.


Prior to the construction of the Mary & James DiMeo Library wing in 1984, the SHA library was located where the Main Office is today. The library expansion was the first major addition to the original school building that had opened in 1957.

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