Endowment Fund

The Sacred Heart Academy Endowment Fund was established to provide need-based scholarships to SHA students. Gifts to the Endowment Fund help us to reduce tuition for many students to insure that talented young women from every background can afford to make their dreams of a Sacred Heart Academy education come true.

Establishing a Named Scholarship
While gifts can be made in any amount to the general endowment, donors have the option to establish a scholarship in their name or in the name of one they wish to honor. To establish a named scholarship, a minimum gift of $25,000 is required.

Newly Established Scholarships
We are pleased and honored to announce the establishment of several new scholarships for the Sacred Heart Academy Endowment Fund:

Newly Established Scholarships

Eleanor Quirk Uihlein Scholarship
Established by Lisa Hammeal Uihlein 1979 and Kurt Uihlein 

Mary & Joseph Attianese Scholarship
Established by Joan Attianese 1963

Janet Garrison Criscio 1969 Memorial Scholarship
Established by Sherri M. Matteo, Ph.D. 1969

First Friday FUNd
Established by
Philip DeGennaro & Mary Stanton DeGennaro 1981
Mary Gaffney Dunn 1980
Marguerite Heffernan Everett 1981
Sandra Ramadei Fillion 1980
Jeffrey Granquist & Frances Pellegrino Granquist, Esq. 1980
Judith Keating Killoy 1981
Nancy Navarretta 1980
Bernard Pellegrino, Esq.
Susan Pursell, M.D. 1980
Kathleen O'Neill Regan 1981
Ann Kelleher Winch 1981

Mary-Ann P. Haran Memorial Scholarship
Established by the Quinn Family

Florence & Carmen LaVorgna Scholarship
Established by Linda LaVorgna Hyson 1962

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  • All Named Scholarships

    Alumnae Association Scholarship
    Assumption Reunion Scholarship
    Antoinette Barba Scholarship
    Joseph Barba, Jr. & Agnes Barba Scholarship
    Joseph Barba, Sr. & Anne Barba Scholarship
    Bonnie L. Bieder Scholarship
    Reverend John P. Blanchfield Scholarship
    Mary Bowman Scholarship
    Catholic Charity League Scholarship
    Alfred & Julia Celentano Scholarship
    Class of 1970 Scholarship
    Marie D. Colasanto Scholarship
    Kathleen Connaughton Scholarship
    Sister Ellen Cronan, ASCJ 1958 Scholarship
    Reverend James Edward Dargan Scholarship
    Carmela DeLuca Memorial Scholarship
    Edward DiLauro Scholarship
    James & Mary DiMeo Scholarship
    Patricia DiMola Scholarship
    D’Onofrio Family Memorial Scholarship
    Dunkin Donuts Scholarship
    Sister Maureen Flynn, ASCJ 1981 Scholarship
    Tara Foley 1992 Memorial Scholarship
    Joseph D. Fracasso Scholarship
    Robert G. Fracasso, Sr., Esq. & Evelyn E. Fracasso Scholarship
    Daniel J. & Angelina Frese Scholarship
    Golf Tournament Scholarship
    Pilar Gonzalez 2005 Scholarship
    Leah G. Hall Memorial Scholarship
    Marylouise T. Harris Scholarship
    Emilia & Konstantin Dmitrievich Hramov Scholarship
    Elizabeth Iovanne Memorial Scholarship
    Leona Kiley Scholarship
    Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Scholarship
    Lenore LaBonia 1992 Scholarship
    Mary Landino Scholarship
    Georgiana Brigido Lavallee Memorial Scholarship
    Florence & Carmen LaVorgna Scholarship
    Lucille M. LoRicco 1955 Endowed Scholarship
    Susan Lyons Scholarship
    Rose F. Mastagni Scholarship
    Antonetta Mauro Scholarship
    Carmel Mauro Scholarship
    Sister Gabriel McClain, ASCJ Scholarship
    Carolyn Lee McCormack 1990 Memorial Scholarship
    John F. & Mary Cecelia McKee Scholarship
    Sister Ellen McKeon, ASCJ 1961 Scholarship
    James & Gloria Morrissey Scholarship
    John J. & Corrine S. O’Neill Memorial Scholarship
    Monica Ann O’Neill 1975 Memorial Scholarship
    Angelina & Philip Paolella, Sr. Scholarship
    Sr. Mary Jane Paolella ‘65 Memorial Scholarship
    Philip Paolella, Jr. Scholarship
    Albert & Lois Pellegrino Scholarship
    Alphonse & Jean Pellegrino Scholarship
    Bernard A. & Dolores Pellegrino Scholarship
    Bernard Pellegrino Scholarship
    Frances Irene Pellegrino Scholarship
    Lydia Pellegrino Scholarship
    Virginia L. Rosa Scholarship
    Charles B. & Mary E. Rose Scholarship
    Michael & Antoinette Salvo Scholarship
    Sister Ritamary Schulz, ASCJ 1959 Scholarship
    Lucille Esposito Sette 1952 Scholarship
    Louis A. Sidoli Scholarship
    SisterHood Apparel Scholarship
    Sister Antonine Signorelli, ASCJ Scholarship
    Helen E. Tamaccio Scholarship
    John & Louise Tenedine Scholarship
Our goal at Sacred Heart Academy is to continue to do everything possible to help families afford a Sacred Heart education.  These endowed scholarships are more than dollars, they are priceless investments in our students and they help strengthen our community.  May God bless each and every gift made to the Sacred Heart Academy Endowment Fund.
    • Linda LaVorgna Hyson '62, Barbara LaVorgna Goula '66, Donna LaVorgna Cramond '67 with President Sr. Sheila O'Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D.,'71

    • Endowment Fund Growth over the past 5 years