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Mothers' & Fathers' Club

The SHA Parents Association collaborates with the SHA Advancement Office to foster a strong sense of school community amongst all parents and provide meaningful opportunities to strengthen parent connections with each other and the School, build pride and continue to honor longstanding traditions of Sacred Heart Academy.
Each parent is automatically a member of the Parents Association when the student is enrolled in the school. No registration is required. Parents are our most valued ambassadors throughout the greater community and an invaluable part of our school. Their volunteer efforts and support of the school enhance the educational experience of Sacred Heart Academy students.
All parents are welcome to be active and explore the many volunteer opportunities through the various committees organized by the Mother’s Club and the Father’s Club.
The efforts of the Parent Association are led by the Mother’s Club and Father’s Club with a focus on three main areas:
1. Parent Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities
2. School Traditions and Events
3. Parent Fundraising

Mothers’ Club Officers

Karen Jerram
Chinwe Madu
Vice President

Ann Marie Michaud

Pauline Gilbert
Inventory Coordinator

Michelle Torello
Communications Coordinator

Fathers’ Club Officers

Mark Michaud
Jeff Haag
Vice President

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