Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Academy, founded by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Roman Catholic tradition and committed to the expression of strong Christian values and intellectual growth, provides a challenging college preparatory education for young women. The school is a community which promotes the growth of the whole person in a caring environment that encourages personal integrity, compassion, justice and sense of responsibility to self, to others and to the needs of society.

Our Vision Statement

Sacred Heart Academy will be a nationally recognized Catholic college preparatory school for young women. True to its motto Excelsior SHA will welcome students of diverse backgrounds, develop their potential through a technology enriched academically rigorous program of studies, and lead them to discover their unique talents. Through a culture of service, Sacred Heart Academy will foster an awareness of the changing needs and challenges of the world. By embracing the call of the Gospel, the Sacred Heart Academy woman will become who God created her to be, ready to transform the world.

The Excelsior Graduate

A woman who is impelled by the Love of Christ to live authentically and passionately, sharing her compassion and integrity with the world, continuing to be a life-long learner, thinking critically, communicating effectively and intelligently, upholding the human dignity of each person, committing to be an active participant in her faith community, valuing “strong bonds” with her class and the wider Sacred Heart community fully embracing the gifts God has given her to strive “ever higher.”

Our Core Values

List of 5 items.

  • Catholic Community

    • To share the love of Christ
    • To educate the school community about the charism of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and their Foundress, Mother Clelia Merloni
    • To instill Christian values in the Roman Catholic tradition across thecurriculum
    • To encourage active participation in and celebration of our school liturgies
    • To provide opportunities for adoration of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of  Reconciliation
    • To incorporate prayer into our daily schedule
  • Compassion

    • To speak to each other and about each other with words of kindness, respect, reverence, and honesty
    • To be attentive to the needs of one another and willingly and generously perform acts of service
    • To forgive and seek forgiveness
    • To always treat people fairly and with respect and dignity
  • Excellence

    • To live up to the school motto: “Excelsior...Impelled by Christ’s Love” in all areas of our lives
    • To uphold high standards of behavior
    • To challenge and inspire the school community to become informed citizens who share joy in learning and a love of truth
    • To provide a challenging college preparatory education
  • Integrity

    • To be transparent in and accountable for our words and actions
    • To speak the truth courageously even in difficult situations
    • To take the responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment for all
    • To engage in our academic pursuits in a spirit of truth and honesty
  • Social Justice

    • To appreciate diversity and support the dignity, value and opportunity of all people
    • To work for social change on behalf of the vulnerable, including the economically or politically oppressed
    • To strive for awareness of, and to bear witness to, the sanctity of all human life
    • To respect the earth so that all God’s creatures can live a healthy and secure life
    • To work for peace and justice by promoting a culture of service

Our Shield

The Shield embodies the spirit and ideals of Sacred Heart Academy. The Sacred Heart, emblazoned with the motto Excelsior—Ever higher contains several symbols:

  • the lamp, symbolizing spiritual light illuminating our path
  • the book, representing our unending quest for knowledge
  • the crown, representing the ultimate goal—sanctity
  • the chevronels radiating from the Heart, for the Glory of Christ
  • the laurel for victory and success "through Him, with Him, and in Him"
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A ministry of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus