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Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program (SHASIP) was created in order to provide students the opportunity for a career exploration experience in business, social services, humanities or science, during the summer before their senior year.

Sacred Heart Academy encourages students to apply classroom knowledge in a 'real-world' setting, gain a valuable and realistic perspective on a career of interest, and access mentors in that field. Students can begin to establish contacts and network even before they enter college or the working world.

SHASIP follows a long tradition of reaching out into our community, particularly to alumnae who have a wealth to offer present students preparing their future. Juniors apply for specific internships from the available fields. Interns are then selected by by SHASIP advisors faculty.

Internships engage students in at least 80 hours of career time throughout the summer scheduled as needed by the workplace. SHASIP does not distribute stipends; the mutual benefit for the mentor and the student will prove to be priceless.

Student Selection

After students submit an application, they will be matched to available mentors. The faculty review of student applications will ensure students have completed and succeeded in the necessary coursework to meaningfully engage  a given internship.

It is certain that the young women of SHA possess the maturity, intelligence, passion, and dedication such internships would require. By the time students reach the summer before their senior year, they have taken to heart SHA's strong tradition of academic, athletic, social, and moral excellence. It is without a doubt that rising seniors will continue this tradition in the classroom, in the community, and in the workplace.

Become a Mentor

Please consider becoming a SHASIP mentor! Share your enthusiasm for your career with an interested student, and influence the future of your profession.

Fill out the mentor form and email it to

Juniors: Apply for Summer of 2017

To apply, please email your completed application to
Note: Each student may apply to only one internship.


Mary Gniadek '04
Program Coordinator

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