Ad Campaign

September 3 - September 20, 2013

The Ad Campaign runs throughout the month of September to help raise funds for the production of the school musical and support Sacred Heart Academy's pursuit of excellence in all areas of education. Students sell ads to local businesses, friends of the Academy, and all who have encouraging words for the SHA players. Ads and boosters are published in a booklet along with all the listings typically associated with a show's "playbill"—the cast of characters, synopsis of scenes, the crew, musicians, etc.

This year, students will be selling ads to support the production of "Annie" that will take place at the Shubert Theater on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16. Funds raised will also go toward the creation of a Mac Lab in the DiMeo Library. There will be a daily gift card raffle for all who sell ads, and the top selling homeroom as of September 20 will win a breakfast party! The top selling students will receive cash prizes; $150 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. The top sellers from each homeroom, with a minimum of $130 in ads, will win 2 tickets to "Annie"! If the school goal is met, we will get a DAY OFF!

 A Special thanks to the Keep Calm Court:

Senior Court of Princesses
Liz Bruchansky
Meg Dwyer
Juliana Hanrahan
Olivia Kelly
Zelia Pantani

Junior Court of Princesses
Nicole Bosta
Katherine Donohue
Kayla Hansen
Rose Piscitelli
Mackenzie Walsh

Sophomore Court of Princesses
Vanessa Brokaw
Jenna D'Agostino
Juliana Harrison
Samantha Mason
Isabella Mesturini

Freshman Court of Princesses
Madison Ahern
Alexa Fronsaglia
Cathleen Halasinski
Anna-Claire Luciani
Ellen Scafarello


Senior Court of Princesses                           Junior Court of Princesses

Liz Bruchansky                                               Nicole Bosta

Meg Dwyer                                                     Katherine Donohue

Juliana Hanrahan                                             Kayla Hansen

Olivia Kelly                                                     Rose Piscitelli

Zelia Pantani                                                   Mackenzie Walsh


Sophomore Court of Princesses                    Freshmen Court of Princesses

Vanessa Brokaw                                             Madison Ahern

Jenna D’Agostino                                           Alexa Fronsaglia

Juliana Harrison                                              Cathleen Halasinski

Samantha Mason                                             Anna-Claire Luciani

Isabella Mesturini                                            Ellen Scafarello

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